Saturday, August 21, 2010



hye! we meet again yeah!>.<

today is 11th day all muslims around the world had fasting.. the time is running so fast!

what do you think when you read my title..? new spirit and determination? yeah, i am transforming myself now.. try to be a better person now..

i am realise now that before this i was a bad person.. not bad in terms of cheating or stealing things, but i am not a good girl n muslimah before this..

yesterday, i was attending an 'usrah' with sis zila, sis yana and many more sisters.. since in MARA college, i was attending many usrah when i was there, but i never feel like this.. i felt guilty so much towards HIM.. so much guilty.. i feel, this is the first usrah had made me felt like this... theres no such words can express my feeling right now..

starting from today, i have new determination.. i have new spirit.. i want to be a new person.. be a better ones.. transforming myself to a good ones...

to my parents and my siblings, i am still the 'happy-go-lucky' farah, i am still the old farah that wearing fancy and funky attire, but i just want to change my attitude and the way of my thinking.. all of you are far far away from me, and that make me more matured in here...

to all my friends, i seek for your forgiveness... please forgive me on anything wrong that i had done to all of you... i am an unperfect person... same goes to all people in this world..

and to all people that had done anything wrong with me, i am already forgive all of you.. nothing left in my heart..=D

Ya Allah, please guide me to the true path.. please lead me to the right path..


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