Sunday, August 8, 2010

tribute to my PARENTS..=)

how r u my dear blog..? hope u r fine like me yeah..!>.<

tribute to my parents... thats my title for my post this time.. n, i am writing my blog in english!*big clap* hahaha

tonight, i miss them so much!! n exactly i am homesick rite now!! huhuhuhu......

mum, thanks so much for delivered me to this huge world, thanks for raised me up until now, until i can futher my degree when i am juz 18 years old... the age is so young for a girl like me to be far far away from u.. juz like u said before, i was so small to be far away from u, alone in a state that i know nobody at first n i am so childish!

but, i believe in myself that i can manage myself in here, u believe my rite?

i promise to u that i can give u a first class degree in science mathematics 4 years from now... insyaAllah..=))

dad, i luv u so much! is it rite that i was saying i wanted to be like u when u were asking us many years ago..? haha, i already forgot that little thing..=)

i admit that i cant tell my problems to u nor other else... heeee.... i am a little bit shy-shy cat daughter ..haha..*wink-wink*

when u read my blog, u already know my problems rite? but, not all my probs i write in my blog.. there is no my personal nor serious problems i wrote in my blog... only certain things... i hope u understand me okey..? ngee~

mum and dad, i thanked to Allah for giving me both of u to be my parents.. both of u are the greatest and the most precious people in my life!

insyaAllah, when i success in my career in the future, i want to send both of u to the Mecca, doing Hajj together... pray for my success yeah!-lecturer-to-be-

mum and dad, both of u had spent so many money for me to make sure i can get a comfortable life and a perfect education... only Allah knows how i feel the gratefulness to have both of u as my parents..

last but not least, i luv u so much!! <3 WANCHAHBINTIWANCHIK & YUSSOFFBINJOHAR


p/s:beterabur kan english adik? at least im trying!>.<
to kakak,abang n okdik, tribute to u all nanti adik buat k.. luv u!

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